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Who are we?

The Edge of Liberty: Infusing Linux Phones into Everything We Do.

SageTea Edge created by XFone Mobile, the renowned global Linux phone, is unlocked for seamless use with any carrier worldwide. American customers can enjoy the convenience of Public Mobile SIM cards. As the world's first Linux device capable of running Docker, Yacht, and Android simultaneously, SageTea Edge empowers users with an unparalleled combination of tools, offering a distinct competitive edge. Our team takes immense pride in delivering such a powerful experience to our users.


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SageTea Edge created by XFone Mobile

What's our secret? Great people and great products.

Experience the best of both worlds with SageTea Edge: the benefits of open source supported by a professional software company with a proven track record. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to providing world-class support, ensuring all your questions are answered promptly. SageTea Edge's Professional Services division offers tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes, across industries. Whether you're a small company or a multinational organization, we're committed to delivering time and cost savings while enhancing your business processes. Solving real business problems, SageTea Edge features an improved version of Ubuntu Touch, optimized specifically for business use. With integrated kernel-level updates and hardware control, SageTea Edge bypasses Android-related bugs, allowing seamless operation of Docker and Yacht. This proprietary technology is exclusive to SageTea Edge, providing you with a fully functional Linux phone. Access a comprehensive suite of Professional Services for mobile Linux, offering customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated team at SageTea Edge Technologies is here to exceed your expectations, regardless of your budget. If we can't solve your problem, it's on us - free of charge. Additionally, SageTea Edge proudly offers SageTea Software, a unique offering not found in any other Linux Phone. Enjoy the freedom of the open-source operating system on SageTea Edge, allowing you to customize it as you desire. This sets SageTea Edge apart from other Linux Phones, offering unmatched flexibility. We go above and beyond by including low code options, warranty coverage, cloud services, and backup solutions, providing a comprehensive package for your convenience.

What makes SageTea Edge different?

Open Source Software for Linux Phones​

While open-source software is indeed free, it lacks a centralized authority to ensure comprehensive support and timely solutions. In the realm of business, open source may not always provide the necessary functionalities or guarantee prompt resolutions for any gaps or issues that arise. In the absence of SageTea Edge, Linux phone users were often left with the only option of seeking help through user forums, hoping for accurate and effective answers.

However, for business professionals, relying solely on user forums is unacceptable. At XFone Mobile, we recognize that such an approach falls short of meeting the demands of business requirements. To address this, we offer Professional Services and business software, transforming SageTea Edge into a complete business solution that functions akin to a mobile computer. This unique advantage sets SageTea Edge apart, providing the edge required for optimal business performance.

Our values

The Edge of Liberty

The Edge of Liberty is a philosophy that permeates everything we do at XFone Mobile. It symbolizes reaching the outer limit of one’s capabilities and finding that special place where training, hard work, and preparation culminate to achieve greatness.

At this decisive moment, one discovers their Edge—a compliment reserved for those who have pushed themselves to the maximum, utilizing their unique advantages to succeed. Throughout history, edges have shaped heroes, brought freedom, and influenced outcomes. We recognize the significance of edges and meticulously craft them, honing our products and services to provide an unparalleled advantage.

We embrace the notion of being different in just the right way when facing competition. Standing out and possessing distinctiveness are crucial for gaining an upper hand. Merely mirroring opponents provides no benefit in serious competition, especially when faced with adversity. We take pride in offering our customers an Edge, tailored and customized to their specific needs, giving them the advantage required to overcome challenges and emerge victorious.

Our commitment to creating unique products stems from the understanding that having the Edge can be the decisive factor between triumph and defeat. We go beyond the ordinary to provide our customers with the tools and mindset necessary for success. The Edge of Liberty is not just a concept; it is our guiding principle, shaping our approach in every endeavor we undertake.

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