SageTea Edge comes equipped with Libertine, a powerful feature that allows you to run Ubuntu Linux software directly on your phone. To get started, simply navigate to Settings and click on the Libertine icon.

Libertine provides a confined sandbox environment where you can install deb-packaged X11-based Ubuntu applications. These applications can then be run under Unity 8, the default user interface of SageTea Edge. With Libertine, you can expand the capabilities of your phone by accessing a wide range of Ubuntu software.

By leveraging Libertine, you can enjoy the convenience of running familiar Ubuntu applications on your SageTea Edge, enhancing your productivity and enriching your mobile experience. Simply install the desired Ubuntu applications within the Libertine sandbox and start using them seamlessly.

Make the most of SageTea Edge’s versatility and explore the possibilities offered by Libertine. Empower your Linux phone experience by running Ubuntu software directly on your SageTea Edge through the Libertine feature.

Unlock the potential of SageTea Edge with Libertine and discover a new world of Ubuntu applications at your fingertips.

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