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Demo Instructions and Tips

Beautiful design

Ubuntu Touch is built on fundamental principles of rhythm, naturalness, tidiness, and cleanliness. Its design philosophy revolves around intuitive gestures and the optimal positioning of content for a seamless user experience.

Lightning fast

Ubuntu Touch boasts impressive speed and a robust security framework, resulting in minimal security vulnerabilities. Additionally, its update system follows a pattern similar to Ubuntu, ensuring continuous improvement with each new update.

Native apps

SageTea Edge comes pre-installed with a comprehensive selection of core apps that fulfill your everyday requirements. Alongside the standard phone features, SageTea Edge, being powered by Ubuntu, includes a fully-featured file browser and terminal, providing users with access to a range of command-line applications for enhanced functionality.

If you have software packaged in a specific manner and require assistance configuring it to run on an SageTea Edge, please reach out to us, and our team will be glad to provide the necessary support for your setup.

Connect with top apps and services

SageTea Edge provides the Open Store, a platform for loading additional apps to personalize and enhance your SageTea Edge experience. To access the Open Store, simply click on the "A" icon located on the toolbar from the main screen. We suggest installing essential apps such as Pure Maps for GPS navigation, Telegram for group texting, and the UT Tweak Tool for customizing your SageTea Edge to your preferences. Feel free to explore and add any other apps that you find useful. If you have specific Android (APK) files, there may be possibilities to run them on SageTea Edge. Please note that compatibility may vary, but our team can assist you in exploring the options available.

Social Media apps

Health apps and track all your stats live

Top project management apps to stay focused

Shopping & eCommerce apps

Connect your banking and finance apps

Weather apps and see current location conditions


System Settings

To set up your SageTea Edge, configure WiFi connectivity by entering the necessary credentials in the WiFi settings menu, and pair it with Bluetooth devices by activating Bluetooth and following the on-screen prompts. For cellular connectivity, input the correct APN settings, typically found in the cellular or network settings menu, especially if you are using Public Mobile.

Linux users

A prominent feature of SageTea Edge is the Linux Terminal. To access it, simply click the orange button on the toolbar from the main screen, then select Terminal. To enter the terminal, use the passcode "0000," which also serves as your SageTea Edge's PIN. Once inside the terminal, you can type "sudo su" and enter "0000" again to obtain root access, granting you full control over the Linux operating system. However, exercise caution at this stage, as root access entails significant system-level privileges.

Mouse & Keyboard

SageTea Edge seamlessly integrates with USB mouse and keyboard peripherals, providing an enhanced user experience. To ensure an uninterrupted power supply while using these peripherals, it is recommended to utilize a USB hub with Power Delivery. This setup proves particularly beneficial when working with the Linux Terminal, enabling efficient navigation and productivity. Additionally, setting up SSH (Secure Shell) access to your SageTea Edge is highly recommended, allowing you to remotely interact with it like a Linux server. Configuring passwordless SSH further enhances convenience and security. By incorporating a USB hub with Power Delivery, connecting a mouse and keyboard, and establishing passwordless SSH access, you can unlock the full potential of your SageTea Edge and streamline your workflow.

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