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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Waydroid comes pre-loaded on the SageTea Edge giving you the ability to run all your favorite Android (Google Play Store) Apps.

Our goal is to keep your SageTea Edge running for as long as possible. With our warranty service, SageTea Edge customers can avoid having to pay for expensive new phones every few years.

 SageTea Cloud can be added as a service that backs up data on an SageTea Edge securely. If you lose or damage your SageTea Edge your data can be recovered.

Reduce screen brightness: Your phone’s screen is one of the biggest battery drainers, so reducing the brightness can significantly improve battery life.

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS when not in use: These features can drain your battery quickly, so make sure to turn them off when you don’t need them.

Use Battery Saver mode:  The phone comes with a built-in battery saver mode that can extend your battery life by limiting background activity and reducing performance.

Close unused apps: Apps running in the background can also drain your battery, so make sure to close any apps you’re not using.

Use dark mode: Using dark mode can significantly reduce battery usage as the pixels on the screen don’t have to work as hard to produce the color black.

Disable vibrations: Vibrations use more battery power than ringtones, so disabling vibrations can help extend battery life.

Uninstall or disable unused apps: Apps that you don’t use regularly can also drain your battery, so consider uninstalling or disabling them to save power.

Turn off the always-on display: The always-on display feature can be handy but uses extra battery power, so consider turning it off if you’re trying to extend battery life.

 Text To Software is an easy-to-use low code tool that lets anyone make workflows from text.

Yes, we offer packages through Public Mobile or simply bring your current provider just by popping in your current SIM anywhere in the world.

There are 2 methods. The easiest is just to restart the phone and use the Waydroid icon.

The second method is for those who are comfortable working on the command line.

Open the Linux Terminal and run the command:

sudo waydroid init

Then click on the Waydroid icon in your SageTea Edge Settings

Click the Waydroid icon to launch Anbox. The first time you run this go to this website and install Aurora OSS:

Once Aurora is installed you can use it to browse and install apps from Google Play.