Customer Review

Ennio Aguilera, a Project Manager at the University of Ottawa and an AI enthusiast, is embarking on an exciting journey to build an AI-based application. With privacy as a top priority, Ennio has chosen the SageTea Edge as his trusted companion for this project. SageTea Edge’s Linux compatibility allows him to run the necessary code seamlessly, while its commitment to privacy ensures his personal data remains secure.

To further protect his privacy and facilitate secure access to his SageTea Edge, Ennio plans to configure his own server with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This setup will enable him to establish a private and encrypted connection between his server and the SageTea Edge, ensuring the confidentiality of his data and communications.

Ennio’s SageTea Edge, paired with a Bell SIM card, provides reliable phone call functionality and mobile data access. With SageTea Edge’s compatibility with Linux and its seamless integration into Ennio’s workflow, he can focus on developing his AI application without worrying about compatibility issues or data exposure.

By choosing the SageTea Edge, Ennio has found a perfect balance between his technological requirements and privacy concerns. He can confidently work on his AI project, harnessing the power of his SageTea Edge and Linux while keeping his private data secure.

Product Overview

The SageTea Edge offers a unique and powerful experience as a Linux phone that functions as a portable server. Built on a re-coded OnePlus Nord 10 5G, the SageTea Edge is powered by 64-bit Ubuntu Touch Linux. This customized operating system ensures seamless functionality of all device features, including SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth, audio, and file storage.

One of the standout features of the SageTea Edge is its integration of SageTea Mail, a private email client designed specifically for Linux users who prioritize their privacy. With SageTea Mail, SageTea Edge users can enjoy a secure and confidential email experience, keeping their communications protected.

Whether you’re a Linux enthusiast, a privacy-conscious individual, or someone who appreciates the versatility of a portable server, the SageTea Edge delivers a powerful combination of hardware and software. Embrace the SageTea Edge and discover a new level of control, privacy, and functionality in your mobile experience.

Why is SageTea Edge different?

You’re correct that installing Linux on certain phones can be a complex process, and the standard open-source installation may not always ensure full hardware compatibility. SageTea Edge addresses these challenges by offering professional-quality Linux devices that are specifically designed to run Linux seamlessly.

SageTea Edge devices are built with careful consideration of hardware compatibility and functionality, ensuring that all features are fully operational. This means that users can enjoy a smooth and reliable Linux experience without compromising on essential hardware features.

In addition to providing high-quality Linux devices, SageTea Edge offers warranty coverage and service plans to ensure customer satisfaction. With an experienced team of Linux and software experts, SageTea Edge is dedicated to delivering reliable products and providing support for users’ Linux needs.

By choosing SageTea Edge, users can enjoy the benefits of a Linux phone without the complexities of self-installation and potential hardware compatibility issues. Experience the convenience, reliability, and support of SageTea Edge’s professional-quality Linux devices for a seamless Linux experience on the go.

Key Features

SageTea Edge indeed offers a higher degree of privacy compared to Android-based devices. As an open-source-based operating system, SageTea Edge allows for greater transparency and accountability. The availability of the source code enables users to inspect it and verify if best practices have been followed, providing an added layer of trust and security.

In contrast, Android devices heavily rely on Google services and are designed to send user data to Google. This compromises privacy and security as user data is continuously collected, recorded, and potentially shared with third parties. The risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to personal information is heightened in such scenarios.

SageTea Edge addresses this concern by not requiring a Google account for normal operations and by providing an open-source Linux-based environment. It offers a separate environment called Waydroid, which allows for the optional and controlled usage of Google Play apps. This provides compatibility with Google services without sacrificing privacy and security. Users have the freedom to choose whether they want to enable or disable this feature, giving them full control over their data.

For businesses and institutions that prioritize privacy and security, SageTea Edge offers a viable solution that minimizes the risks associated with data exposure and unauthorized access. By opting for SageTea Edge, users can mitigate potential security threats and protect sensitive information effectively.

Mobile and Edge Computing

Mobile computing, as you described, involves the interaction between humans and computers through portable devices capable of transmitting data. SageTea Edge, with its versatile capabilities, serves as an excellent platform for mobile computing. It supports Linux containers like LXC and Libertine (Standard), enabling the execution of various Linux-compatible source codes.

Linux, being widely used in server-based computing, brings the advantage of familiarity and compatibility to SageTea Edge. Organizations can easily take their source code on the go or run it in remote locations using SageTea Edge. The flexibility of SageTea Edge allows for on-device processing of data, making it a valuable edge device.

Edge devices play a crucial role in facilitating advanced applications at the outer boundaries of networks. With SageTea Edge’s capability as an edge device, organizations can leverage its computing power for on-device processing, enhancing efficiency and enabling more sophisticated applications.

Overall, SageTea Edge empowers organizations with the mobility, flexibility, and computing capabilities necessary for mobile computing and edge computing scenarios. It serves as a reliable and adaptable platform for running Linux-based applications and supporting organizations’ mobile computing needs.


Linux, as the world’s largest open-source software project, has indeed become a dominant force in the technology industry. With a diverse community of programmers and developers, the Linux kernel continues to evolve, incorporating new features, addressing bugs and security vulnerabilities, and fostering innovation.

SageTea Edge, being a Linux-based device, benefits from the extensive capabilities of Linux. It can run various Linux software and applications, including those developed by SageTea Software. SageTea applications such as Text To Software, SageTea Cloud, SageTea View, and SageTea Digital Inventory are compatible with SageTea Edge, providing users with a range of powerful tools for different purposes.

Moreover, SageTea Edge’s compatibility with AI models allows for advanced AI development and deployment. With SageTea applications, users can leverage SageTea Edge’s capabilities for Low Code AI development, enabling efficient and streamlined AI solutions.

Additionally, SageTea Edge has been tested with BlackBerry Protect under Waydroid, enhancing its security features. By incorporating BlackBerry security, SageTea Edge offers an additional layer of protection, ensuring the safety of user data and maintaining a high level of security.

Overall, SageTea Edge’s compatibility with Linux, SageTea Software, AI models, and BlackBerry security demonstrates its capability as a versatile device that can meet the diverse needs of users across various industries.